Kimberleigh Heilman

Welcome to my personal resume/Curriculum Vitae pages.
There are a number of sections, kept separate to maintain this page as a searchable resume and CV for anyone interested in hiring me or in evaluating my academic involvement.

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Career Goals and Areas of Interest

Currently, my long-term career goals are flexible, though I have definite aspirations and a few dreams I always keep in mind. I'd most love to be a researcher and perhaps a professor, and someday if I ever have the opportunity, I'm going to open a museum (an undertaking perhaps best attempted after some years in the field). I'm looking, ultimately, for work that I find engaging and fulfilling in which I can prove useful, and also still learning how to define that for myself as I explore various jobs. This gives me a certain amount of freedom in the offers I will consider, so I am happy to take on freelance projects as my time and energies permit, and generally open to giving other positions due consideration as well.

I have a verve for learning and new experiences, and I like adding to my skills and working flexibility, so I enjoy training for new tasks and roles. It is a goal of mine to become fluent in at least one other language, though hopefully more, so opportunities which facilitate that goal are looked on favorably. I'm especially interested in learning Spanish at this time.

I am particularly drawn to work that I feel is providing a meaningful contribution to society and am excited at the prospect of taking on a job in a charity or other community aid sector. My first love is working with animal rescues but I am also passionate about environmental concerns and humanitarian/community support. I'm considering the Peace Corps among my options, though I would like to learn Spanish first.

I love local histories and lore and believe in the vitality of sharing knowledge, and would be interested a heritage, museum, or touristry position.

Freelance projects I am available for:

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