Animal Husbandry and Welfare

There were pets in my home from birth, and I've always harbored a lively interest in animals. I am deeply committed to animal welfare, and I come to this from the angle that humans are stewards of a shared biosphere we all inhabit together. Ecology, anthropology and the well-being of humanity, and the welfare and proper care of animals are connected concepts and each is integral to the others. The essence and heart of animal welfare is compassion for all that is alive.

The best way to save any species is to preserve and nurture their habitat. The habitat of domestic animals is human homes and hearts, so I feel the sanest, most humane way to approach caring for pets and livestock is to empower owners with love, empathy, and education. Itís vital to recognize the way that humans and animals already live side by side every day, and work toward serving the needs of the environment, wildlife, livestock, and pets while also taking into consideration how humans and their needs fall into these interests, treating them as an entire community in which each element deserves consideration. I feel this is important because when you involve the community and invoke their compassion and enthusiasm for welfare and ecological projects, seeking an active cooperation as opposed to merely proposing or enforcing limits, it becomes part of all of us, something to live by rather than something to live with.

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