Contact Kimberleigh

You can reach me by email. Address is kimberleigh at bowl of serial dot net.

Who is Kimberleigh?

I am an eclectic soul, a wandering bard, married to the journey, dedicated to exploring the connections betwen life, love, art, and meaning.

I believe that art, expression, belief, and story are a vital part of the collective soul and experience. I am always eager to explore Self, Other, the things that separate and those that draw together.

I love to learn, to perform, to listen, to express, and to Be.

Professionally, I enjoy taking on new tasks, responsibilities, skills, and experiences, and I am interested in training to a variety of work. I'm still seeking a suitable Career, and in the meantime, am content to explore Jobs.

Basic Stats

Born April 21, 1982

Kind of short but not very short

Wears glasses

Put the bop in the bop shoo bop

A Word on Creative Names

I rarely use my full name or actual surname online. I used to do so freely but I managed to pick up a pretty persistent bully who seems to occasionally search my name (to clarify how creepy this is, I was 17 at the time and am 34 now), and it made me question the general safety of how much personal information we're pretty lackadaisical in tossing around where just anyone can see it.

I truly hate having to feel so paranoid about the whole thing, because I tend to generally prefer to be pretty open and out there with who and what I am, and what I say and do. Whether folks will love me or hate me is their business and their right, but I'd rather they base that decision on my true actions, opinions, faults, mistakes, virtues, strengths, and so on, rather than a fabrication or incomplete picture. But I have had to concede that it's easier to move safely through Internetland with a layer of anonymity, albeit a flimsy one. My surname can be found on my CV, but that is its only location on this site and for the most part I do not use it when signing my work. It wouldn't be difficult for anyone with a modicum of computer savvy and some determination to suss me out online regardless, but I prefer to make it such that one needs to be deliberate and particularly determined in their nastiness.

This can be pretty frustrating because there are times I'd prefer to be able to put my actual name on my work, and certainly if I would like to pursue my art more aggressively this will be vital to publicity, but it has also allowed for a certain amount of being able to use pseudonyms to sometimes tweak my creative image or how I "brand" myself as I have grown, both as a person and an artist. I use names to differentiate one type of work from another by genre, intended audience, or medium. Following are the names I currently use in my work and in what context: